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1. Dawn of the King

2. Eclipse of the Crown

3. Winter Spell

4. Silent Night

5. A Gift of Light

6. The Crown Jewels

7. Constellation

8. Reign of Fury

9. O' Holy Night

10. Rising Kingdom

11. Tidings of Joy

12. Heroes Call

13. What Child is This

14. Circe's Chill

15. Black Frost

16. Hallelujah

17. Tempest

18. The King's Return

19. Advent of Peace

20. Yuletide

21. Northern Lights

22. Carol of the King

Discover a completely new genre  of  Celtic  Christmas music  on the 'Carol of the King, The Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular' soundtrack.   Featuring  23 original  tracks  with  a  full orchestral   accompaniment,  the   soundtrack   brings  the   excitement   of   the   live  stage   show   to  your personal listening experience!

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