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“The show was very well received by all in attendance. Rhythm in the Night is a wonderful tale with a great twist at the end! Very impressive! Our audience loved it! Standing ovation night after night. Very pleased!”


Joe Giordano, Jr.

Booking & Marketing Manager


Santander PAC



“Thank you for providing our patrons with an energetic and fantastic St. Patrick’s Day performance!”


Leslie Folmer Clinton


Luhrs Performing Arts Center 



“The crowd loved it, fantastic show!  Standing ovation! It was a pleasure having your group perform at the Grunin Center!”


Mark Wilson

Artistic Director

Jay and Linda Grunin Center 



“Thank you for a wonderful show. The audience LOVED it!”


Jan Zarr

Executive Director

Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center



“Great show! Enjoyable evening of entertainment!”


Jarret Haynes

Executive Director

The Whiting



“By far the most successful and enjoyable dance show that we have presented. Rhythm in the Night brought so much joy to so many people over their two night stand at The Paramount and we can’t wait to have them back. Rarely do patrons leave a theater heaping so much praise on a show they have just seen but smiles and compliments were everywhere to be found. Justin and the entire company are welcome back anytime.”


Ray Wilson

Creative Director

Paramount Hudson Valley 



“I had the pleasure of bringing Rhythm in the Night to Sandusky, Oh, and they brought the house down. They received a standing ovation and as I stood in the lobby as patrons left, many made sure to come by and thank me for bringing such a great show! Lauren and Justin make a great production and marketing team and I could not have asked for a better celtic program.”


Dave Taylor

Executive Director

Sandusky State Theatre



“Rhythm in the Night was truly a spectacular. The show was dynamic and edgy; a true jaw-dropper. The level of skill the dancers display is world-class. The standing ovation at the end was more than deserved.”


Kevin Barrett

General Manager

Coral Springs Center for the Arts



“Justin, Lauren and the entire cast and crew of Rhythm in the Night were a joy to work with at the Janesville Performing Arts Center (JPAC). It is rare to find a group of individuals so passionate, enthusiastic and committed to their performance while still maintaining a high level of professionalism and understanding of venue operations. In a demographic of hard-to-please audiences, JPAC was overjoyed with the positive feedback from newcomers as well as veteran patrons. It was a performance not to be missed and loved by everyone.”


Elizabeth Horvath

Executive Director

Janesville Performing Arts Center



“It was awesome!  They were dancing out the door, they loved it!  It was an awesome show, we would love to have you back.”


Annmarie O'Hara-Townsend

General Manager

DuPont Theatre



"The troupe of dancers pulled it together, reinforcing their right to be on the stage. Their overall energy spiked, and the audience responded with loud hoots and cheers.  At the end of the performance, the audience rose to its feet, applauding the dancers on what was clearly an entertaining performance."


SJ Velasquez

Irish Central




“Rhythm in the Night captivates audiences! Rhythm in the Night, the Irish Dance Spectacular, left the audience spellbound this past St. Patrick’s Day! What a night to hear the rhythm that left the audience mesmerized on the Luhrs Preforming Arts Center stage last Tuesday. The impeccable timing, glorious technique and the orchestral sound flooded the venue. The show made me fall in love with Irish dance, all over again. I was enchanted all throughout the show. It certainly breaks rules with tradition.”


Shannon Keene

The Slate Online



"I attended the March 15 show in Peekskill. As someone who had never witnessed Irish step dancing firsthand I was slightly skeptical but left feeling in awe of what I’d seen. The Irish step-dancing spectacular blends the old-age craft with a unique orchestral soundtrack, keeping audiences on their toes as much as the performers."


Sherry Karabin

Akron Legal News


Patron Testimonials

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the recent performance of Rhythm in the Night at the State Theatre and gave the cast a standing ovation at its' conclusion. Rhythm in the Night is the best celebration of Irish dance and music that I have seen since Riverdance.”


Tom A



"Our family so enjoyed 'Rhythm in the Night' Irish dance performance at the gorgeous Sandusky State Theatre last month! The view from the balcony was fabulous, and many in the audience were tapping their feet and captivated with the energy, storyline, and music. The night went by too quickly, we left smiling and thoroughly entertained. So grateful to have such a wonderful production in our area. Thank you!”


Donna M




“Hello everyone! I went to your performance today at the Whitaker Center and it was AMAZING! This was only the second time I saw a live Irish dancing performance, and the first one was by a local dance school, so this was quite an experience for me. The music was lovely, I am on my third round of the CD. Thank you to everyone who autographed my CD and got a picture with me. You are all fabulous! Please come back to Harrisburg soon!”


Victoria M



“Just saw the show in Wilmington, DE tonight. Great performance with amazing energy. Loved the show!”


Sue W



“Thank you for such an amazing performance at The Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, Pa today!! It was my first Irish dance show and definitely will not be my last! Again, thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world.”


Jenn B



"What a captivating performance last night at the Canton Palace Theatre!! Such talent! Thank you to the cast, crew and all involved in the production for sharing your talents and energy! I highly recommend seeing this show!!”


Pam C



“We just came home from seeing you show at Lakewood Civic Auditorium. OMG!!! I loved it and my granddaughter wants to take Irish dance lessons. Great Show!!!!”


Barbara R



“3 standing Os!! I know why you call it all were absolutely AMAZING! You tella story well with no words.”


Melanie W



“Great show!!! Would pay to go and see it again!”


Tricia M



“Very awesome show today, hope to see you in New Brunswick again!”


Lisa N



“What a great group of talented performers, great show, non-stop energy, saw it 4 times!”


Ken H



“Absolutely amazing!”


MaryAnn M



“Mary and I saw the performance 3 times, Canton, Cleveland and Charleston. The show just got better and better every time we saw it, amazing!”


Michael C



“Best thing I ever saw! Even better than Lord of the Dance and Riverdance!”


Devin L



“Fantastic show at the Rochester Opera House last night. You all were great!! It was awesome! Please come again.”


Janet M



“I'd like to thank the wonderful cast with their high energy for making last night one to remember for my 9 year old granddaughter that has been self teaching herself Irish dances. The extra time you took to watch her moves added to her excitement. You are spectacular!”


David F



“Fantastic show tonight at the Rochester opera house! Amazing. Thank you so much!”


Jamie W



“Fantastic show and the cast was super energetic! Heres the rundown;

1) Male leads were dead on entertaining.

2) Females had rocket fast feet! 

3) "Bad guy" lead male has the build of Arnold Schwarzenegger with serious step dance skills.
4) Female "bad girl" lead awesome in her sexy role
5) Male 'good guy' lead fast footed and light on his toes.
6) Female 'good girl' lead so graceful and beautiful to watch you wish the show woould not end - for real! She's light as a feather with a perfect smile.

Met the cast afterwards and took plenty of pics. Really friendly folks.Ps: to the super wonderful 'mom' of the producer - thanks for letting our girls dance with your son and the violinist - too much fun!!!!!

We're permanent fans and will follow your shows up to a 2hr drive!”


Greg D



“An opera told through dance!!!  Absolutely amazing! Nothing like it!”


Glen R




"Great show in St Petersburg!"


Nikki Conley, St. Petersburg, FL




"My daughter and I saw the show tonight. She and I loved it. She had to get all the performers autographs and she did. Even from the "Bad Guy". Thank you for a great show. You guys were amazing the whole cast was phenomenal!"


Heather McCubbins, Palm Coast, FL




"Positively inspired! I wasn't sure what to expect, as I knew I would find myself comparing it to Lord of the Dance. Well, the quality of the dancing leaves nothing to be desired. Timing, energy, attitude, all were to the highest standards. Elyse Transon as Azura is delightfully wicked. Her facial expression never changed during the entire show. You could see her arrogance, contempt for Aisling, confidence in her control of Balor. Annie Profeta as Aisling was angelic but determined to free Balor from the clutches of Azura. Sergey Nazarov did a great job channeling Michael Flatley. While I usually do not like dancers trying to imitate Mr. Flatley, Sergey put enough of himself into his performance that it was more of a "nod" to Michael than an imitation. The rest of the cast was just as amazing and talented. The musicians, Lauren Hood, Tess McGovern and Luka Keck were excellent. The fact that you pulled this show off on such a small stage was an accomplishment in itself. And last, but certainly not least, Justin Boros. What can I say? Loved you in Lord of the Dance. Seeing you dance in person was such a privilege. Thank you, Mr. Boros and Gregg Senko for creating this wonderful experience and for bring it to Mt. Dora. Can't wait to see the show again. I'll be front and center!!"


Sherri Murphy, Mount Dora, FL




"I saw your performance in Mt Dora, FL. Absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! So glad to have you in our little town!"


Renee Christiana, Mount Dora, FL




"Thanks for an amazing show!"


Jennifer Dietrich, Easton, PA




"Again, a night to remember! It was indeed a spectacular show! Justin and his cast surely did not disappoint, it was all that and more. Loved it!"


Janet McKenna, Rochester, NH




"What an amazing show! Thank you for coming to Warren, PA and the wonderful Struthers Library Theater."


Allan Branthoover, Warren, PA




"Great experience last night at the Struthers Library Theatre in Warren, PA! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Phenomenal energy!"


Gerald Dunn, Warren, PA




"Great job in Hershey, PA! Look forward to seeing you again!"


Benjamin Slider, Hershey, PA




"Fabulous performance at the State Theatre!"


Patricia Miller, New Brunswick, NJ


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